Email Marketing & Automation

Hi, I’m Kasper. 👋

I’m an Email Copywriter and Marketer who helps brands make more sales with email.

When companies need my help, they usually struggle with one (or more) of the following:

  • They’re not happy with their current email marketing ROI 
  • They are tired of micromanaging amateurs who get their ideas from template-files
  • They want to send great emails that make customers fall in love with the brand
  • And they want to make more sales

I  help them get that.

I believe that email marketing is about building relationships with your clients. And there are better ways to do that than using promo codes and endless discounts.

How I got started with email marketing

I was a young college freshman when I landed my first job. I was hired as a shop assistant in a small kitchen equipment store.

I knew my way around knives, and I quickly learned about other products we offered.

But there was one problem.

I was an introverted guy. Quiet and rather shy. Let’s just say I wasn’t your ideal salesman material.

But my boss didn’t care whether I was introverted or not. If you’re working in sales, you sell, or else you’re out.

So I had to figure out how I could sell as well as other guys, the storytelling gods as I then saw them. And I had to do it fast before I got fired.

I was thinking, and thinking, until finally, I had an idea.

What if I did the opposite? What if I could just shut up and let the customer do the talking?

Not having much to lose I gave it a shot.

Whenever a customer asked me a question, I replied with a question of my own. One of my first “experiments” went something like this.

A woman somewhere in her 40s entered our store.

“Hey, I’m looking for a new pan. Do you sell any?” she asked.

“Sure, ma’am. Let me show you some.” I would say, walking her towards the right alley,  “What happened with your last pan? Did you burn it?”

– No, I didn’t. I was trying to bake in it, and all the plastic parts just melted away in the oven. And it was supposed to be oven-safe!

* So you want something you can bake in as well? Noted. * I would think to myself. 

“Oh, that sucks. Sometimes manufacturers use cheap plastic that melts away with barely any heat. You have a solid chance to win a dispute if they claimed it’s oven-safe. I hope it wasn’t your favorite pan.”

“I didn’t even like it,” she said. “Cooking with it was a nightmare. Food always burned and stuck to it. I had to soak it for hours after every meal to clean it. I’m almost happy that it burned. It’s just so inconvenient not to be able to fry anything.”

* Oh, she just wants an easy cooking experience without having to scratch dishes for an hour after every meal. That’s good to know! *

“Don’t worry, ma’am, I think I have something you might like.”

By the time we reached the alley with pans, I already knew what she wanted, what she had valued, and what drove her crazy.

All I had to do was to show her the product she wanted and explain how it would solve her problems. 

A few minutes later, she would leave the store, smiling, carrying her brand new frying pan.

I was smiling too because I had found a way to save my job.

Without a need for fancy tactics, sales tricks, or savage social skills.

Years later, when I took an interest in direct response copywriting, I knew I already had the most important tool to success.

I knew how to listen to the customer and how to ask the right questions to make them do the selling for me.

Now, I’m leveraging direct response copywriting and empathy-driven research to help online businesses and brands sell more with email. 

Without having to rely on shady sales tricks or never-ending discounts.

So, if you’re looking for someone to manage your email list and make you more sales, I’m your guy.